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Farm jobs, Denmark

We offer a great opportunity to work and live legally in Denmark! If You like to look after animals, this job is for You


  • Both Men and Women, anyone holding EU passport
  • Age 21 – 40 years old
  • English skills- You must be able to read, write and speak English
  • Driver’s license is a not requirement – but helpful
  • Must be committed to work 12 months
  • Must have relevant studies, OR
  • Previous relevant work experience (farm work) is advantage, but not essential, motivation is a must!

Salary:  DKK 17.600, (2.355€)/month gross- DKK 12.0000 (1.655€)/month net, after all deductions in the first 3 month approx. DKK 7.800-8.000 (1200€), from the 4. month DKK 10.000 (1400€)

Overtime: payment can be paid or by giving time off for the overtime hours worked. The farmer decides which option he will use.

The work can be on a cow, pig, or mink farm. Weekly working hours are based on a 37 hours per week which will often include 2 weekend shifts (this may vary depending on the farm). The work can include; milking, pig castration, feeding animals, cleaning of farm areas and equipment, and other farm related jobs.

Housing: provided by employer in single room, cost deducted from salary

Holiday Allowance payment of 12.5% of your monthly salary is paid into the “Holiday Allowance Fund”. This amount is in addition to your salary.

The individual must be motivated to work within the field of Danish agriculture. It requires a commitment to the job. It is hard work and requires a physically and mentally strong man/woman that can understand and follow instructions, document their work and be able to complete all job tasks to the best of their abilities.
Only motivated individuals will be hired.

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