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Bus driver job in The Netherlands

The candidates are going to work in the largest coach company in the Netherlands! With the help of
400 colleagues, they provide transport around major events such as the Dutch Grand Prix, Lowlands,
DefQon 1, coach transport for various municipalities, school trips and student associations.
Since the assignments are very diverse, they are going to work in different cities in the Netherlands or
between some of them. It is also possible that, if they are very experienced candidates, they can make international routes.

Salary information 
Salary scale:
Trade 0  €15,46
Trade 1  €16,00
Trade 2  €16,53
Trade 3  €16,65

The salary scale is based on the experience that the candidates have working with us. In this sense, all
the candidates are going to start with the trade 0 and they have the possibility of growing with the time.

• Weekly payment of the salary;
• Workweeks contain an average of min. 40 hours;
• They will receive a travel allowance of €0,19 per kilometre
• 8 % holiday allowance;
The Net salary will be between €2600 and €3000 per month

• Driver’s license D
• Valid Code 95 : it is not possible to start without it. If an applicant does not have it but wants  to obtain it, they must pay for it and we suggest that they obtain it in their country of origin, because here the course is only offered in Dutch.
• Driving test (The candidates are going to have a driving test, usually the day after their arrival, and it should not be a problem if they have recent experience. If they pass the test, they can start)
• English level B1 / B2 (they don’t have to sell tickets, but it is still necessary)
• To be able to work in the Netherlands (the person need a EU nationality/citizenship or a work permit)
• At least 6 months of experience in the last 2 years

What do you do (tasks)

  • You check the oil, coolant and damage around the bus before every trip
  • You note the mileage every working day;
  • You check the routes in advance for delays or details;
  • You drive to the customer and then the designated route;
  • You always fill up the bus neatly when you return.

The candidates will always come back to their rooms except for foreign travels (but that will only be offered after they work for some time and have more experience)

Who are you?

  • A friendly, customer-oriented and representative bus driver;
  • You have a driving license D and valid code 95 or you are willing to get it;
  • You are flexible and willing to work weekends;
  • You can work well in a team as well as independently;
  • You see the traveller as a guest in your bus.

What do we offer?
A very good salary, Modern corporate clothing; A nice family working atmosphere; A staff association with various fun outings.

• Car rental €75,- per week, It is always necessary to have a car, so you can come with your own car or rent one through us.
• Housing €91,- per week
• Deposit € 182
• Private room in a shared house is the standard
• The Health insurance is compulsory and the cost is € 33,50 per week
• Travel costs to The Netherlands are at your own expense
• Accommodation at maximum 45 minutes travel time by car from work;

The workers will have a flexible contract and it does not have a legal end, but the work was designed
to be carried out for a long period of time (minimum of 6 months) 

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